Know More, Nevadans!

Published by Randy Hynes on

Nevada’s largest Voting block, Nonpartisans and minority party voters don’t have a voice in who will be on the November 2024 ballot?

Are you one of the 800,000 Nevada Voters who will not get a complete Primary election ballot by mail in upcoming 2024 Primary elections? There’s a Presidential Primary Election starting this January, then a Congressional Primary starting in May 2024.

If you’re voter registration isn’t marked DEM or REP then you won’t even get a ballot or sample ballot by mail in January. Your May 2024 ballot won’t include Congress people.

Are you okay with being denied a chance to Vote?

By law, Nevada is a closed Primary State and those in power don’t want you to Vote. Only their Republican and Democrat Party friends.

All NEVADANS have a Ballot Choice & Voice in the Primary Elections!

Here’s An Easy Workaround!

All Voters have a right to choose who’ll be on the November ballot by voting in our Primary election.

Only the Las Vegas Sun has the courage to publish the truth.

There’s an easy and lawful workaround to have a ballot choice and voice.

Look at the partisan ballots (that will be published here as soon as they are available), choose a candidate, then

Go to Nevada Voter Registration and change your Party label to match the Primary election ballot that you want to receive, Democrat or Republican.

Changing your Voter Party label is not a pledge of loyalty to the Party. For many it’s uncomfortable. Changing is a necessity for your voice to be heard in a Nevada Primary election. And for electing Congress people who will support a Kennedy Administration.

Nevada Voters can change our Party label any minute, including at the election site in person during processing. Just tell the poll worker which ballot you want to vote on and select the candidate or candidates that you want to be on the November ballot.

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