Border Poses Humanitarian AND Security Crisis

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President Biden’s border policy represents a national security threat to the United States of America — and a threat to the wellbeing and dignity of the migrants themselves. RFK Jr. didn’t believe this himself until he visited the border and saw why with his own eyes. 

Migrants coming from all over the world, not just Latin America
Migrants robbed, exploited, separated from family by the criminal cartels who run the whole operation.
Fentanyl flooding through the border along with the migrants.
The number of suspected international terrorists apprehended by Border Patrol this year reached an all time high: 172. 

And it’s not just the migrants who suffer. Border communities cannot cope. Even cities 1000 miles away are crushed under the influx of immigration. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the answer. 
 While Joe Biden sleepwalks through this unprecedented humanitarian crisis,

RFK Jr. will get to work on DAY ONE in the White House. His policy will be compassionate AND tough. 
RFK Jr. will make our southern and northern borders IMPERMEABLE to illegal immigration.
RFK Jr. will prosecute the criminal syndicates—from drug traffickers to human sex traffickers—who have basically taken over our border.
RFK Jr. will protect our Border Security personnel who are risking their lives every day. He will give them the reinforcements, equipment, and backing that they need.
RFK Jr. will use lights, cameras, motion detectors, and other common-sense technology—initially installed at the border, then dismantled by Joe Biden—to get illegal immigration under control.
RFK Jr. will streamline the legal immigration program to accommodate genuine asylum seekers and welcome newcomers to this country at a level that we can reasonably accommodate. 
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