#MeToo Journalists Target RFK, Jr. in His ‘Association’ with Epstein, But Are Grasping at Straws

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My first blog in the series for RFK, Jr. in his presidential campaign, examined his family’s accusations that he is betraying the Vision, Values, and Principles of his father and uncle, when in fact it has been they who have done so for the past 50 years. My second blog examines accusations against him as an anti-vaxxer’ and conspiracy theorist for asking questions any person with any sense of Civic Duty, Humanity, and Common Sense should be asking. And, my third blog examines the issues surrounding the Pay to Play campaign process through registration restrictions. It also examines the misplaced loyalty of ‘freedom fighters’ risking their lives to fight in the Ukraine in order to defend ‘Democracy’ there, while ignoring attacks on Democracy in RFK, Jr.’s campaign in the USA in registering as an independent candidate. As I pointed out to Bobby’s son, Conor, I have been fighting David and Goliath battles against the status quo for the past 16 years—and been ‘cancelled’ in reprisal—so that my sons will NEVER end up on a battlefield with all its bloodshed and killing. If all the youth and soldiers REALLY were fighting for the Principles of Democracy and Humanity, they would join the CARING women of society, instead of allying themselves with the warmongering Woke feminist and fascist anti-feminist.

The #MeToo Feminists Are Laying the Foundation for Future Attacks Against RFK, Jr.

Apart from Anti-democratic efforts to disenfranchise Bobby from the 2024 Presidential elections through registration procedures, he is facing defamatory attacks from the #MeToo propagandists in the press regarding his ‘acquaintance’ with Jeffrey Epstein. As RFK, Jr. has openly admitted, he flew twice on Epstein’s plane. He once went to South Dakota with his family on vacation (fossil hunting), and another time on his way to visit his mother, Ethel Kennedy in Palm Beach. It was in the 1990s, and he ‘knew’ Epstein through his 2nd wife, Mary Richardson, who was ‘friends’ with Ghislaine Maxwell. ALL of the NYC socialites know each other, ‘run’ in the same circles. And they have ALL been participating and promoting the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby/Madam culture in the city and country since the 1960s. This includes ‘Deb of Decade’ Cornelia Guest, Marie-Chantal Crown Princess of Greece, Sydney Biddle Barrows (the Mayflower Madam)—and many more including Jackie ‘O’ in NYC and Ethel, Eunice (Shriver), Jean (Smith), and Pat (Lawford) Kennedy in DC and Hollywood. As I have explained to my former classmate at Foxcroft, Cornelia, she, and all the other ‘debs’ and ‘socialites’ on both sides of the Pond should be very concerned with the 20-year prison sentence of Ghislaine Maxwell. It sets a very dangerous jurisprudence for them. However, they all believe that they are part of the ‘protection racket’ that will shield them from prosecution in future litigation, so they just ignore any ‘unpleasantness’ and go shopping.   

The Biddle family are descended from Quaker English immigrants, William Biddle (1630-1712) and Sarah Kempe (1634-1709) who came to New England in 1681 in order to escape religious persecution by the Anglican Church of England. Barrows started an escort service in NYC in 1979, whose clientele included industrialists, high-power businessmen, lawyers, foreign diplomats, and Middle Eastern sheiks. It was shut down after she was arrested in 1984. However, her ‘punishment’ was limited to a fine of $5k, and publication of her best-selling autobiography, Mayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrow (1986), which was made into a movie in 1987 starring Candice Bergen. Since the 1990s she has run a consulting business which focuses on elitist ‘customer service and experience’, and in 2008 published Uncensored Sales Strategies: A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Really Want—No Matter What Business You’re In.

As seen in the case of the ‘Mayflower Madam’, she was rewarded for her illegal activity—instead of sent to prison for 20 years like Ghislaine Maxwell. Another case in point is NYC ‘Mean Queen’, Leona Helmsley, who was sentenced to 16 years for tax evasion in 1989. However, she only served 9 months in prison and is remembered for having coined the phrase, “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes.” As NY Governor Andrew Cuomo stated in 2021 when he was targeted by the #MeToo feminist with RIDICULOUS allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ (after having done a good job during the COVID-19 shutdown). The ‘Rules of the Game’ have dramatically changed (since the time his father, Mario Cuomo, was Secretary of State, Lt. Governor and Governor of NY in the 1970s, 80s and 90s).

However, the ‘Rules of the Game’ have ‘changed’, not because of any laws that have been passed. The Rules have ‘changed’ because the ‘norms’ of what is acceptable versus unacceptable in society have changed. And if the Democrat loyalist and elitist Cuomo family in NY and Kennedy family in DC and Hollywood had been more effective in addressing the problems in their cities and country for the past 60 years, the country would not be in the dire states it is in at present. And if Queen Elizabeth II had been more Diligent and Effective in assuring Good Governance in Britain during her reign, the corporate controlled media in her country would not have been so effective in their witch-hunts against Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in the Guiffre affair. Efforts of the Kennedy and Cuomo family (inter alia) to compete with the British royals have backfired on them, because the American Revolution was fought to produce an Egalitarian democracy, and NOT reproduce another monarchy or empire.   

Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, was a ‘rags to riches’ British media mogul whose body was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991, after reportedly falling off his yacht, Lady Ghislaine. Ghislaine has always contended that her father was murdered, and it was not a suicide or accident. In the aftermath of his death Ghislaine’s brothers, Ian and Kevin, attempted to continue their father’s businesses. But instead, they were arrested as accessories to fraud in relation to hundreds of millions of pounds Maxwell had stolen from the Mirror Group pension fund. They were acquitted of charges in 1996, even though they had been involved in the day-to-day running of the company. Press outlets owned by the Mirror Group include the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, Scottish Daily Record, Sunday Mail, and the magazine OK!

After the cases against Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew began in NYC courts under allegations of ‘pimping’ and ‘pedophilia’ in 2021, I contacted her family at the RealGhislaine.com website and Ghislaine’s lawyers (Laura Menninger). I also contacted the Prince’s lawyer in the US, Andrew Brettler, but was simply ignored, as is ‘habitual custom’ with lawyers and the legal community who think they ‘Know It All’ and are ‘God’. Brettler correctly argued in the Prince’s defense, that the case lacked Standing and Cause in NYC jurisdiction and should be thrown out. Age of legal consent in NY is 17 years old and alleged sexual activity with the Prince occurred when she was 17 years old. However, he failed to successfully argue his case in the Courts and Press, as did Menninger in the case of Maxwell.

Dozens of books have been written about the ‘cancel culture’, one of which is by Alan Dershowitz (also a victim of Guiffre and Lisa Bloom), author of Cancel Culture: The Latest Attack on Free Speech and Due Process. However, not even Alan Dershowitz, has seemed to notice how Prince Andrew’s ‘cancellation’ by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and the rest of his family intimidated him into forfeiting his fortune, career, and good name in order to avoid any ‘Unpleasantness’ that would detract attention from the festivities of her Platinum Jubilee. If the family really cares about the continuity of the House of Windsor and a Monarchy in Britain, they need to start Facing and Addressing the problems in their family as well as Commonwealth as much as the American ‘royals’ need to do in their country.  

The feminists, and gold-diggers with whom they align, are cowards—just like their over-inflated ego male counterparts. And they are engaged in so much illegal activity that when challenged they back down without a fight—as seen in the case against Alan Dershowitz. As stated in the CNN article, “Virginia Giuffre drops allegations against Alan Dershowitz, saying she ‘may have made a mistake’” by Kara Scannell,

Virginia Giuffre, said in a statement that she was young at the time she was trafficked by Epstein and in a “very stressful and traumatic environment.” Giuffre had alleged that Epstein had trafficked her to Dershowitz between 2000 and 2002, but Dershowitz long denied her claim.

“I now recognize I may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz,” her statement said.

Giuffre sued Dershowitz in 2019 alleging he defamed her when he denied her claims and suggested she and her lawyers were trying to extort money from others. Her attorney, David Boies, also sued Dershowitz for defamation.

Dershowitz filed counter defamation claims against Giuffre and Boies.

On Tuesday, attorneys for Giuffre, Boies, and Dershowitz filed joint stipulations asking the judge overseeing the litigation to dismiss the claims with prejudice and without awarding fees to either side. The agreement, confirmed by the parties, resolves all the litigation between them.

As I explained Ad Nauseum in the case of Virginia Guiffre, her Memoirs, clearly demonstrate that she had been ‘groomed’ to be a prostitute long before she ever met Jeffrey Epstein. She had been sexually molested from the age of 9-11 by a ‘close family friend’, and revictimized by her parents, community, child protection services, and family courts, instead of assisted. She became a runaway and ‘street’ prostitute at 13-14 years old to an international sex-trafficker, but was liberated by the FBI in a raid and arrest of the man. She returned to her parents’ house, and at 16 started working at Mar-a-Lago, where her father worked in a minimum wage job. She was 17 when she became a ‘Sugar Baby’ prostitute for Epstein, with her parents’ full knowledge. As Guiffre admits in her testimonies, NO ONE, not her mother or her teenage schoolmates (who also wanted to go give Epstein massages so they would have money to go shopping at the mall) believed that she was ‘just giving massages’. Furthermore, she admits to being a pathological liar and manipulator, and her accusations and recollections have continually changed and contradicted themselves over the years, confirming her admissions.

And in the case against the Prince, even though the defense has continued to argue the point that the photo of him and Guiffre with Maxwell in the background is a manufactured photo shop one; I point out that the photo is IRRELEVANT in a court of LAW or Court of Public Opinion. It is clearly demonstrated, and not denied, that the Prince knew Epstein through Maxwell, and had stayed at his mansion in NYC during Guiffre’s employment. There is absolutely nothing damaging in the photo of the 3 people in question. And, I am sure that there are 100s, if not 1000s, of photos of Prince Andrew with people who have asked him to pose for a photo so they can ‘impress their friends’. Being in a photo standing next to someone fully clothed is NOT proof of sexual inpropriety, or ANY wrongdoing. Why this point has not been stressed by the defense, instead of being sucked into squabbling over whether irrelevant evidence is authentic or fabricated, is only a question they can answer. By entering into the debate, the defense plays into the hand of its adversaries, instead of ridiculing their ignorance over the Rules of Law and Justice as any COMPETENT lawyer should have done in the Courts and Press!!     

The same issues regarding ‘damaging evidence’ and Woke testimonies by #The Me You Can’t See opportunists were brought up in accusations against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and a ‘selfie’ with one of his young ‘jailbait’ staffers, as well as innocently touching a woman’s elbow. ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ (DEI, which is more appropriately called Discrimination, Elimination, and Intimidation) policies by HR personnel keep a steady supply of ‘jailbait groupies’ in workplaces. So, when the feminist wish to remove a man from power, there is a steady supply of young women willing to participate in witch-hunts against the men which they wish to replace. The ideologies of the feminist movement has infiltrated and taken over the HR industry, and ostracized anyone who disagrees with them and their practices, and why ‘opting in’ homemakers are such a threat.

I have all sorts of pending lawsuits against employers and feminist individuals and organizations that would break up the ‘protection racket’ these groups have built in the past 60 years. But, since the legal community has also been infiltrated and is controlled by the feminists, I have no recourse under the Law. Politicians claim that by electing them into office they can solve the problems of the world, and elected officials and the legal community claim that ‘legislation’ is the ’cure all’ and ‘magic wand’ solution to ensuring ‘Good Governance’. However, the problem is that there are NO ‘magic wands’ in the REAL world. There are enough constitutions, penal and civil codes, and international conventions in the world with which ANY lawyer with BRAINS and BRAWN could argue their cases in a court of LAW, instead of the kangaroo courts the legal community has been producing.

The fault lies not in our stars, but in ourselves!

Even though HR ‘professionals’ are promoting and encouraging bullying and incompetence in their workplaces and organizations, everyone is too afraid of losing their jobs to speak up. This dynamics is demonstrated in my report, “Workplace Bullying in the IMF,” and case against their Institute for Capacity Development (ICD). Even though everyone in the department complained about the bullying and internal mismanagement, NO ONE was willing to DO anything about it. Chief Economist of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, was ‘ousted’ in 2000, while their President Jim Yong Kim and then David Malpass suffered the same fate, as seen by their early resignations in 2019 and 2023 respectively. As I continually point out to all of the Men—they should ALL be concerned about the #MeToo movement’s indiscriminate attack on men anytime they wish to remove them from power. The feminists in the movement have no morals, scruples, or concern for any damage to their targeted victims, or anyone else involved. If all of these ‘ladies’ were so concerned about victims of sexual violence—in workplaces, communities, homes, etc.—they would have been exposing the revictimization of victims of domestic abuse by government systems long ago. Instead, any time the ‘conversation’ comes up, they change the subject to recipes, beauty products, or vicious gossip.

They ALSO would have assisted me, instead of ignoring me, in submitting grievance of victims to the international courts under Crimes Against Humanity (as has been recently done by a lawyer in Florida). They would ALSO have been using their Voice in the press, development community, and amongst government officials in seeking Drastic reform in court systems which are totally broken and illegitimate under constitutions and international conventions!!! As Communication Director of Equal Means Equal.org, Alice Crenshaw told me, Wendy Murphy and I agree that what is NEEDED are jurisprudences. However, we do not agree on what jurisprudences are NEEDED in promoting the Rights of women and their children.

The feminists amongst the liberals, as well as antifeminists amongst the conservatives, are nothing but wolves in sheep clothes, who pose a REAL and imminent threat to Good Governance, Democracy, and World Peace. And the complacency and inertia of the ruling-elite men, whose wives, sisters, mothers, and coworkers, have been promoting and supporting the ideologies and agendas of these ‘ladies’ have just been aiding-and-abetting them. Not only have I identified the major and minor players within the different factions involved, but also how jurisprudences can disempower these groups and their anti-democratic and fascist agendas in commercial, political and social institutions.  

Misinformation Campaigns by the Press: A MISTAKE is NOT a LIE!

Even though there is no indication of wrongdoing on the part of Bobby in the two instances that he and his family travelled with Epstein, the press has littered their headlines with salacious and defamatory accusations, and misinformation campaigns, against him. However, if one takes time to read the articles, their content absolves him of any wrongdoing, and contradicts the headlines. Some of these are so fictitious and defamatory that they are grounds for libelous lawsuits, and are as follows

·         Newsweek, “RFK Jr Caught in Lie About Jeffrey Epstein Flight,” by Ryan Smith, and “RFK Jr. Admitted What About His Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein? by Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling,

·         New York Magazine, “RFK Jr. Is Shaky on Details About His Flights With Epstein,” by Matt Stein and “Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Contacts?” by Matt Stieb, Benjamin Hart, and Chas Danner,

·         The Daily News, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. admits to flying on Epstein’s private plane,” by Brian Niemietz (bniemietz@nydailynews.com)

·         The Daily Beast, “RFK Jr. Flew on Epstein’s Private Jet for ‘Fossil Hunting’ Trip,” by Kate Briquelet,

·         The Daily Mail, “Two times on the Lolita Express and now at a swanky New York party: RFK Jr is pictured at a party with Jeffrey Epstein” by Stephen Lepore and Rob Crilly

·         The New Republic, “RFK Jr. Admitted What About His Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein?” by Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling

·         Toronto Sun, “Robert Kennedy Jr.’s tight ties with Jeffrey Epstein threatens campaign,” by Brad Hunter (bhunter@postmedia.com)

·         NY Post, “RFK Jr. admits he twice flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet, late wife had ‘relationship’ with Ghislaine Maxwell” by Melissa Koenig

·         Washington Examiner, “RFK Jr. reveals he flew on Epstein’s plane twice, contradicting previous claim” by Asher Notheis

·         American Military, “Video: 2024 candidate reveals shocking Epstein link,” by Timothy Frudd

With Facebook, Linkedin, and Facebook claiming to censor ‘misinformation’, it begs the question, WHY these articles and others filled with lies and fabrications, are not deleted or blocked by these platforms? They are clearly false and have the intention of dispersing defamatory information about a political candidate, and prevent a Transparent and Democratic political process in the country. The first issue which I wish to address is the accusation that Bobby is ‘lying’, because a staffer said that he travelled once on Epstein’s plane, whereas he reports that it was twice. A MISTAKE is NOT the SAME as a LIE!!

The problem of proper fact checking by lazy employees (including journalists) is of epidemic proportions. So much so that HR policies and norms have instructed employees to refuse to identify themselves when dispersing information. In this way if they give out incorrect information, neither the employee nor company/government agency can be held liable for damages caused by incompetence. This practice is particularly problematic for incompetent and arrogant public sector employees whose salaries are paid for with taxpayer’s money, and whose DUTY is to SERVE the PEOPLE!! The conflicting reports by Kennedy’s campaign—one trip versus two—is unfortunate. However, it is HARDLY FRONT-PAGE NEWS!!!!

If the press were really interested in ‘front-page’ news, they would be publishing articles on lackadaisical norms of employees in workplaces, who for expediency sake invent ‘facts’ and ‘information’; while laughing all the way to the bank on taxpayer’s money. After all, the REASON that Bobby’s campaign has enjoyed such stellar success in the past 6 months is that he promises to address the horrific problem of Bad Governance in DC. The ivory tower existence and unresponsiveness of ‘civil servants’ are the practices which RFK, Jr.  promises to fix and reform. The press’s obsession with an unfortunate error of a staffer on Bobby’s payroll, in face of the REAL PROBLEMS, in the world is LUDICROUS—and just more gaslighting tactics of his critics and adversaries.

It is also another example of how the journalism industry is so inundated with unethical and immoral individuals who will write anything they are told for a price, with no concern about the damage they are doing to targeted individuals, society, and the integrity of their profession. It is ironic, but not surprising, that the same industry which turned Robert Maxwell from a poor Jewish peasant from Czechoslovakia in the 1920s into a British bankruptcy-building Media mogul, and his daughter into a wealthy British heiress and socialite who hobnobbed with the Royal family; is the exact same industry which Tried and Condemned her to 20-years in prison.

Even though the situation is completely unsustainable, the international development community, with the UN, World Bank and IMF at the Lead, are promoting the same ideologies, practices, and policies with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as Reaganomics ‘trickle down’ (with pill-popping, elitist Nancy ‘Pants’ Reagan leading consumer spending in the country). The paradigm promoted by the Reagan ‘Golden Age’ has produced Increased Income Inequality, degradation of the Rights of citizens, Corruption and Bad Governance as will the SDGs. Because the ‘purse strings’ on investment monies by the international development community are controlled by the same narcissists and socio-paths as those which have controlled the American government and ruling-elite for centuries.

Man is the only animal on the planet stupid enough to keep tripping over the same stone time and time again. And Woman is the only animal on the planet stupid enough to keep on letting him ‘trip’.  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose !!   

Quenby Wilcox

Quenby Wilcox

I have been researching and combating violence against women as human rights violations for 15 years. Please see my websites, www.WarOnDomesticTerrorism.com and https://quenbywilcox2.wixsite.com/takingbackamerica/my-blog.