This is a crucial moment in our campaign.

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Authentic change in politics comes from just one place – the collective will of the people. Today, we invite you to step into a movement that is reshaping the political landscape. As RFK Jr. surges in the polls, he needs your support to cross a major threshold: inclusion on the ballot next November. “Your support” means you personally, because we are aspiring to 100% participation.  This is a crucial moment in our campaign. Unlike the two party candidates, an independent must gather signatures in every state to get on the ballot. Now more than ever, your contribution holds the key to transforming mere hope into actual change. We don’t have the corporate dollars. That’s why we need you to support our 50-state all-out effort. We understand that not everyone can contribute the same amount. Like the diverse offerings in a church collection basket, every donation, regardless of size, builds solidarity. It says, “We take this mission seriously.” Even $5 signals the strength of our movement. As we strive for 100% participation, any amount you can give helps our grassroots efforts to put RFK Jr. on the ballot. Stand with us, be part of the movement, and help restore our democracy. DONATE NOW >> Thank you for your generous support. We WILL make a difference. Team 
Donate today to put a Kennedy back in the White House — Elect Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as President to unite America in 2024! Make sure to join us on Social Media to help spread our campaign’s message and put Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the White House!