Gaslighting Tactics of Bullies: Case Study of RFK, Jr. and Kennedy Family Critics

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In my first blog post covering the false accusations against RFK, Jr., “RFK, Jr.’s Political Platform Embodies the Vision, Values, and Principles of His Father, RFK, and Uncle, JFK – So ‘Where’s the Beef’ with His Siblings Attacks Against Him?” I examine the hypocrisy of Bobby’s siblings and their children who are criticizing his loyalty and dedication to the memory and principles of his father, RFK and uncle, JFK. In this blog I wish to address the accusations against him as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ in regard to COVID-19 and other health care issues. ‘Conspiracy theory’ is the ‘go to’ response of the Woke alt-Left extremists, particularly when they wish to deviate attention away from FACTS and EVIDENCE. Instead, they close themselves further and further in their ivory towers and gated communities, while hiring more and more security guards and police to protect them from angry mobs. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

My Expertise in Medicine and Healthcare: Lessons from My Father

While I am not a physician and expert in the field of medicine, my Dear departed father, William C. Wilcox, MD was. He was a cardiologist, world famous for his work in the treatment of deep-vein thrombosis, a disease which has been seen with COVID-19 patients. He also did extensive research into the health care problems created by the lack of ‘clean water’ in the US, excessive vaccination policies of governments and greedy pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, he was aware of the eventuality of another global pandemic—after having been present for the 1958 Asian flu pandemic early in his career. As he told me years ago, so many mistakes have been built on mistake after mistake that it has created total confusion. Health care systems have been as riffed with corruption, greed, and incompetence as everywhere else, and is WHY Bobby and his campaign have enjoyed such popularity amongst the American People with a promise to bring Back Sanity to Washington and the country’s government. Those who are criticizing him have obviously NOT informed themselves about anything which is going on in the world or their communities, and have NO RIGHT to express an opinion—particularly those in the press who claim to be ‘experts’ in the matters at hand! And, they add insult to injury when they are financially profiting from the situation with fraudulent non-profits and their misinformation and propaganda campaigns.  

COVID-19, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and Big Pharma: Questions Which Need Answers 

In June of 2020, I saw a video podcast posting on Facebook which claimed that Bill Gates (through dummy corporations) held patents in the US on a wide variety of coronaviruses, amongst which were COVID-19. Since then, I have been pointing out in my blogs that all ‘authorities’ have had to do was check if the patents which are held on these viruses are the same as those of the Pandemic!?! If they are the same, it constitutes conclusive PROOF that the virus was produced by a lab. End of discussion! This is NOT ‘rocket science’, just Common Sense. Thousands of ‘experts’ have been having ‘robust discussions’ on the origins of COVID for years, instead of just examining the FACTS and EVIDENCE. In the meantime, millions have died, and Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and many more have profited financially and politically from the situation. It has been highly irresponsible of government agencies, and the international development community, particularly those in the World Health Organization, to have once again wasted so much of taxpayer’s hard-earned money with Bad Governance, Stupidity, and circular nonsensical debates by a bunch of over-inflated egos is CRIMINAL!  

It is HIGHLY IMMORAL and ILLEGAL for those who are trying to ‘gaslight’ the Public into believing that their ‘friends’ in power are all benevolent, honest, and moral people, when nothing could be farther from the truth. I have lost 16 years of my life, and been separated from my sons, bullied, targeted in hate crimes, and marginalized in Washington’s Swamp, in reprisal for my calls for ACTION (instead of more empty rhetoric). However, since I am not a ‘Titania McGrath’ social media influencer, and famous for being famous. But, instead I am VERY SERIOUS about dismantling the corruption Washingtonians are desperate to Protect and Defend, I am not ‘liked’. Reports by the international development community are filled with the necessity for Diligence, Transparency, and Accountability. Yet, policies and practices in Washington keep on promoting Negligence, Cover-Ups, and Criminal activity—in violation of US federal and international law!!  

The accusation against Bobby as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and its repetition in the press and social media campaigns are perfect examples of the ‘gaslighting’ techniques used by bullies and psychopaths; and how they mobilize mob rule to control and manipulate ‘disobedient’ members of the community. As seen in this case, even though Bobby has NEVER been against ‘vaccinations’—any more than I or my father ever was. His critics keep repeating and re-repeating their ’gossip’ so many times that people start believing it just because they have heard the phrase so often. After all, if so many people agree on an issue, then it ‘must be true’! Just as it is unconscionable that ANYONE with a minimum of civic duty is NOT questioning the findings of scientists and evidence-based research surrounding COVID-19. It is unconscionable that people, particularly those with children and grandchildren, would NOT question the link between autism and unnecessary vaccinations. Evidence as to this link has been in existence since the 1990s, and has NOT been properly investigated. My own research into autism and all the spectrums of Asperger syndrome has focused on societal factors and early childhood behavioral development. However, I recognize that there are a variety of factions in play that must be examined ‘intersectionally’.

And, finally as to the pharmaceutical industry throwing more money at the Democrats than the Republicans. This is a LUDICROUS DEFENSE, and the rational one finds in a kindergarten playground!!! The evidence that Big Pharma is corrupting political processes, and has for a long time, is so overwhelming that no one bothers to deny it, they just try and point fingers at each other at who is the bigger culprit!! When I first moved abroad in the 1970s, the Americans were considered the most honest, hardworking, and egalitarian people in the world—a reputation they had earned after liberating Europe and Asia from imperialist dictators in the 1940s. However, in the ensuing years they, and their government, have become a laughingstock and much hated People in countries across the globe. My only defense about my own government and its actions is that everyone else’s government is just as bad.   

Is Shame Necessary in Changing Social Norms and Paradigm Shifts 

As environmental social scientist, Jennifer Jacquet explains in her book, Is Shame Necessary: New Uses for an Old Tool (2015),

What Are Norms?

There are social norms, legal norms, cultural norms, and religious norms. There are moral norms, like respect for the elderly, and norms of convention, like using silverware… To get a sense of the earliest cultural norms, we can look at groups that continue to live similarly to our Pleistocene ancestors… murder and stealing were forbidden…failure to share and beating someone were norm violations…every single society was egalitarian—that is, absent of any social hierarchy, big-shot behavior, or political coalitions. Put another way, bad subjects for reality television…Not every new norm builds toward some moral pinnacle. Cultures can be capricious and have created many group-damaging behavioral norms along the way, some of which appear baffling…

…As norms appear and disappear, shame is forced to recalibrate. When a norm disappears, so does the shame that comes with it. Some of the shame of single motherhood has lifted as the percentage of women who are married has declined in almost every state since the 1980s. In Mexico, single mothers are the heads of nearly one-quarter of households. Gay marriage is a done deal in many western countries (but illegal in thirty-eight African countries). In 2013, the group Exodus International, which spent thirty-seven years trying to make gay people straight through prayer and psychotherapy, announced it was shutting down.

The fact that shame is so bound to the norm also means we should not blame shame—the emotion or the act of shaming—for making us uncomfortable if what we actually disagree with is the norm that shame is attempting to enforce. In the case of bride kidnapping, a tradition in various parts of the world, in which a man abducts the woman he wishes to marry, the shame the victim and the family of the victim would suffer if she returned home after what is assumed to be consummation (force, imagined, or, in the rare event, willfully) is often the impetus that forces her to stay with her kidnapper. It is not shame that is ultimately to blame, however, for this situation—it is the society that accepts bride kidnapping [and Sati widow burning] as a practice…

Norms Entrepreneurs

While single individuals do not control social norms, some exert more influence than others. Legal scholar Cass Sunstein calls people with disproportionate power in changing behavior “norm entrepreneurs”—a category that includes Gandhi, King Rachel Carson, British chef Jamie Oliver, and Thai politician Mechai Viravaidya, a.k.a. Mr. Condom, who popularized family planning in his country…Norm entrepreneurs need not be famous, but they should be respected. Both adults and children prefer to listen, watch, and learn from people with status earned from greater skills and success, expressions of confidence, and experience. Prestigious people also more strongly influence beliefs…But even with a prestigious or powerful individual, there are no guarantees about how long it will take a norm to change, or if it ever will.   

As explained in my last blog, the Narcissism Epidemic of the past 40 years has produced generation after generation of highly ‘educated’ individuals who have been pampered and led to believe that they will do ‘great things’. But, since they lack the cognitive skills and emotional intelligence, as well as a moral compass instilled in them by their parents and society, they are unable to tie their shoes or boil an egg, much less accomplish ‘great things’ in life. Therefore, in order to maintain the façade of a ‘civilized’ and ‘just’ society, members of these groups produce ‘protection rackets’ through discriminatory Affirmative Action policies and practices. At the same time, they are disempowering and marginalizing previously perceived privileged groups which for the past 500 years have been Christian white supremacist in Europe and Russia.

As seen in the examples of ‘norm entrepreneurs’ given by Jacquet above, ‘alternative’ lifestyles, such as single motherhood, homosexuality, and other ‘minority’ factions are ‘favored’ and ‘normalized’ by ‘modern societies’. Whereas stay-at-home moms and ‘trophy wives’ are denigrated, viciously attacked in hate crimes, and marginalized by these groups. It is highly hypocritical of the LGBT and ‘breaking glass ceiling’ feminists to claim that they are defending their Right to an ‘alternative lifestyle’. Because at the same time they are open in their hatred and jealousy of women who ‘opt-out’ of labor markets in their 20s and 30s to raise children and promote their bread-winning husband’s careers! The misogyny of these groups are as bad, if not worse, than the male supremacists and sexual predators!!

WHERE is the support of the ‘liberated, modern’ women when homemakers seek recognition in family courts or labor markets for their skills, experiences, and decades of non-remunerated contributions to society?!?! One would think the young women struggling to ‘have it all’ (as the feminists have brain washed them into believing that they can do), would be supportive of an ‘old lady’ who is exposing the hypocrisy and lies of the feminists. However, that has not been the case, begging the question WHY?!?!  

Biden’s 2021 Domestic Violent Extremists (DVE) Report: Missed Opportunities for Adversaries

The ideologies of the alt-Left and alt-Right extremists which are radicalizing the county and the ‘Conversation’ of its ruling-elite are provided in Biden’s report Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) report of 2021. However, since the Republicans are as busy playing party politics as the Democrats—and the world be Damned, they are passing over the opportunity to ‘drain the Swamp’ with the report, as Trump promised to do in 2016. Bobby Kennedy’s campaign has the same opportunity as Trump, or any other candidate for that matter, to vanquish his adversaries in ideological terrains. With a small army of lawyers and law students with Brains, he can start Draining Washington of the bullies and tyrants who are terrorizing workers (and voters) in the city; and who are in large part responsible for the inertia that Bobby’s campaign is promising to combat and dismantle. A few strategic lawsuits and jurisprudences would send a VERY strong message to all the ‘troublemakers’ and ‘terrorists’ that their abusive and tyrannical behavior will no longer be tolerated, but instead punished to the full extent of the Law!

As I point out in my correspondence to AZ Republican Party ‘insider’ Mike Hellon, one of John McCain’s campaign advisor for the 2008 Presidential elections. If McCain had contacted the American Consulate in Madrid in October 2007, telling them to do their JOBS, as I solicited through my mother, my lawyers in Spain and the courts would NEVER have DARED to mess up my case as they did. Additionally, by saving me, my children, and my Global Expats project in 2008, it would have afforded his campaign more positive PR coverage than his running mate, a ‘Pit Bull with Lipstick’, ‘having it all’ anti-feminist, and ‘tea partier’ Palin ever did!!

While the manipulations of the courts by my ex-husband and his lawyer are disgusting, the intentional sabotaging of my case by my lawyers is CRIMINAL and has created serious financial and punitive damages. If Spanish judge, Baltasar Garzon, was as concerned about the victims of judicial corruption and persecution in Spain since creation of its Constitution and ‘democracy’ in 1978, as he is about seeking ‘justice’ for Franco’s victims, then Spain would not be in the economic, political and social turmoil that it is at present. The same hold true for the US, and every other country. Garzon’s critics are correct that all he cares about is getting on a podium and giving a speech—just like all the ‘experts’ whose door I have knocked on in the past 15 years. I cannot wait for an explanation from Garzon (and former 2002 Colombian Presidential, Ingrid Betancourt) as to WHERE I am wrong in my preparation and argumentation of cases against the Spanish government in challenging their defense in Gonzalez Carreno vs. Spain (CEDAW, 2014); or the American government’s defense in Gonzales Lenahan vs. USA (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, 2014).

In 2008, it was clearly the intention of my ex-husband to have me locked up in a psychiatric ward and doped up on pharmaceutical drugs; like my mother had done with my father in efforts to destroy his career and life’s work. The actions of my ex-husband, mother, and siblings for past years (as well as all the ‘Expat Wives Club’) have demonstrated that as much as narcissists and psychopaths are guided by their desire for money and material wealth, their necessity to dominate and control others overrides their greed, desire to be ‘liked’, and desire for material wealth. As Phyliss Chesler highlights in her book, Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman, mothers of abused daughters more often than not side with their sons-in-law rather than their own flesh and blood. However, it is not just mothers who turn against their daughters, but also the other women in the community—with those who claim to be ‘helping’ victims with ‘charity’ work the worst and most vicious of all. The majority of those in the domestic violence and various ‘human’ rights professions suffer from Munchausen by proxy, as do those in religious orders who ‘absolve their souls’ of their sins by ‘helping’ the ‘less fortune’. The international development community has long recognized that exploitative globalization with ‘charity’ work to absolve one’s souls, is unsustainable and self-destructive. Yet they continue on with the same paradigm.  

The efforts of a bunch of misogynistic and American hating lawyers in Madrid to cover-up the violence of a ‘respectable’ banker, and marginalize a much-hated expat trailing spouse, who was ‘cancelled’ by her family and friends in high places, has snowballed into a global scandal which exposes the amorality and corruption at the highest level of ‘polite society’ and government officials. The FACT that I have been unable to find lawyers to submit grievances of REAL victims of domestic violence, revictimized by the courts, to the international courts, for 15 years. Yet, these lawyers will bring the most ludicrous cases against ‘powerful’ men, such as former Governor Andrew Cuomo (Bobby’s ex brother-in-law) and Prince Andrew to the courts, is smoking gun proof as to the Bad Faith (and gaslighting tactics) of the feminists!! My ‘big divide’ with the feminists, is that I am as vocal about the damage that emotional and psychological abuse is creating in society as the physical and sexual violence of men. I fail to understand how making women as physically violent as men, and men as emotionally manipulative as women, is LIBERATING men, women, or children in society?!?! As seen from postings on the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights website on gender-based violence and mass incarceration, the numbers of dead and dying increase each year with the ‘experts’ laughing all the way to the bank.

RFK Human Rights, Woke Feminists and Degradation of Women’s Rights

As I keep pointing out to everyone involved in the ‘sordid affair’, what they are doing is not only AMORAL, but ILLEGAL!! In the Nuremberg Trials, defendants claimed that ‘they did not know’ what was going on in their communities, society, and country. However, this will not be the case when Swamp dwellers in Washington (and NYC, Madrid, Paris, and London) are held to Account in a Court of Law and Court of Public Opinion! If the 3 branches of government were doing their JOB as provided for in constitutions and penal and civil codes, then the courts would not be engaged in so much illegal activity. And all the for-profit/non-profits, such as RFK Human Rights, which was created 6-months after RFK’s assassination in 1968, would not be necessary. And all of its resources it is hoarding could be put to better use for the Good of People, instead of favoritism and concentration of wealth into the hands of a few entitled, seat warming socialites and bureaucrats.

As the UN report, “In depth study on all forms of violence,” explains that while men are perpetrators of 90% of sexual and physical violence, it is women who perpetuate that violence through customs and norms, as well as socialization of their youth. Thousands of nonprofits claiming to be combating domestic violence and human rights violations have been created in the past 60 years. And they have been providing 100s of thousands of jobs for Woke college grads and PhDs who never graduated from kindergarten, while the number of dead and dying mount each year. As a canvasser for Amnesty International in DC told me recently, the more human rights violations in the world, the more money for him—”so let’s keep the human rights violations coming!!!” All the young college grads who flock to DC labor markets each year have no more sense of Civic Duty or Morality, than those who have been here for decades and generations. As Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington. Get a dog.” However, he DID NOT mean that all the ‘dogs’ in the city should be ‘emotional support’ animals for a bunch of entitled, drama queens who need to get a life and purpose to their existence, instead of another brown-noser which makes them feel ‘special’. 

Quenby Wilcox

Quenby Wilcox

I have been researching and combating violence against women as human rights violations for 15 years. Please see my websites, and