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I realize that my videos are long and probably not designed for the fast paced world we’re in, so I wanted to highlight the last portion of the Gen X video. I have spent some time going back and breaking through some old preconceived notions about what I’ve always thought about politics in America. One of those is how I’ve viewed both JFK and RFK. I’ve been going through their speeches and books that have been written about them and I’m finding myself more convinced than ever that what I was told about them was not what really was. It’s been an outstanding exercise…one I’d recommend to anyone.

One of the speeches I found was the one that I put at the end of the last easy. It’s an amazing conversation about what we measure our lives by. RFK had an unbelievable compassion for the less fortunate and was able to tap into the sentiments that our country has struggled with since the empowering of the military-industrial complex and the devaluing of the dollar.

I utilized an AI art generator to create all of these drawings. I love Edward Hopper as an artist. He’s the very first American artist I was enchanted by. I thought putting both RFK and Hopper together was powerful. I hope this brings some light to your Sunday.

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