Blog 6 – Managerialism vs. Capitalism vs. Communism: Mandevillian Wolves Dressed in Sheep Clothes of Adam Smith – Part 1

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My first four blogs focused on the accusations against RFK, Jr. as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and Traitor to the Washington insider Kerry Kennedy Klan who do not want the unending injection of taxpayer’s money into their $4.48T economy (NYC to DC) to end. This is being done regardless of the cost to the country, its People, or even their own family and its reputation in the US and global arena. Ever since JFK’s Administration the Kennedys have been known as champions of the working class; even though it members in DC and NYC have collaborate in the rise of the ‘Fourth Reich’ since JFK and RKF’s deaths, as did their father, Joseph, Sr. (1888 –1969), in the rise of the Third Reich in Germany in the 1920s and 30s. What is interesting from a socio-political perspective in comparison of these two cases is that it is the minoritists of the Woke alt-Left in the Mandevillian ‘American Dream’ which have created the oppressive Nuremberg style laws. The liberals are the ones who create the laws which are meant to favor them and their agendas, that will later be used against them in seizure of assets and offspring, along with mass deportations and incarcerations. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

In my last blog, I examined the article on the Kennedy Beacon, “Three Cheers for RFK Jr.’s Candidacy” by Jeffrey Sachs (UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ‘expert’) and “Kennedy Will Halt The World Health Organization’s Massive Power Grab” by Dawn Pier and corruption and party politics in the UN, World Bank, IMF, and think tanks in DC. As I point out, the SDGs will produce the same Increasing Income Inequality and economic problems as Reaganomics ‘trickle down’ for the same reasons—those holding the purse strings on investment monies and consumer spending are the same narcissist and psychopaths from before.

My next series of blogs focus on domestic economic issues raised in Kennedy Beacon article, “RFK, Jr., and the Hope of Monetary Reform” by Richard C. Cook, and “RFK Jr.’s Fight against Financial Authoritarianism Will Restore Liberty and Prosperity” by Adam Garrie.

Urban Development in DC: 1950 to Present

First, I wish to deviate the ‘Conversation’ from the century old debate between capitalism and communism, and point out that both sides have been beating a dead horse for centuries—and creating incessant chaos, political witch hunts, and wars in the process. As American Washington insider and philosopher, James Burham highlighted in the 1940s, the greatest challenge to the ‘Modern Age’ has NOT been ‘capitalism’ vs. ‘communism’, but instead Managerialism. Not only has DC become a cesspool of too many chefs spoiling the soup, managerialists. But, the Woke psycho-babble HR industry, with more acronyms than Common Sense, has been creating inefficiencies, conflict, chaos, debilitating mental and substance abuse problems, and labor rights violations, inter alia since its rise to power in the 1960s and ‘70s!! But, since labor law lawyers ONLY care about affirmative action violations and non-payment of wages to illegal immigrants, workers Rights in the country have ‘gone to the dogs’.

Urban centers produce 90% of economic output in the country, but taxpayers in agrarian areas are the poor schmuck at the bottom of the food chain who pay a disproportionate proportion of bail-out monies. The same trends seen in the US have been going on in countries around the world in their efforts to ‘Modernize’ ala Western egocentricity and hegemony which entails construction of shopping malls, fast food chains, and high-rise condos. Unfortunately, instead of fulfilling their oversight positions, for which taxpayers are paying trillions in dollars, euros, pounds, yen, etc. for them to do. Staffers, their spouses, and generations of offspring in the UN, World Bank, IMF, and other international organization have been social-climbing and busy hobnobbing with Washington, NYC and Hollywood ruling-elite, instead of doing their JOBS—as exposed in my 2016 report, “Workplace Bullying in the IMF” and my ‘beefs’ with the IMF and World Bank policies and practices.  

Employees of international organizations and think tanks in DC have as much personal interest that the injection of bail-out money continues, as everyone else in the city. As long as these individuals can continue with their personal overspending and over-indebtedness, they will all continue to collude in assuring that new ways of injecting artificial wealth into the economy are produced, with taxpayers and the working class paying the ultimate price. For decades, Americans from across the country have been lobbying their elected officials in Washington. However, they have been ignored and denigrated by these people, while being viewed by DC businesses as just another consumer and schmuck to be exploited, as reflected in statistics posted on website,

·         DC welcomed 21.9 million total visitors in 2022. 20.7 million of them were domestic visitors.

·         Approximately 1.2 million international visitors traveled to DC in 2022. Top countries of origin include: United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, India, France, Brazil, Mexico, China, South Korea and Australia.

·         In 2022, visitors spent $8.1 billion and supported a record 84,111 jobs.

·         Taxes generated by visitor spending were a record $1.6 billion in 2022.

·         The Greater Washington Metropolitan Area is home to 772 hotels with 112,999 rooms (including those located within DC proper). There are 2,513 restaurants in [DC], with 123 [having]Michelin stars… More than 70 [] restaurants offer private dining space, including a dozen within a few blocks of the convention center. [It] is also home to four major sporting event venues with 185,000 total seats and nine major professional teams… [and] 52 performing arts/theatre venues with more than 27,000 total seats.

·         Greater Washington has one of the most highly educated workforces in the U.S. 61% of Washington, DC residents hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (compared to 34% of U.S. population). DC’s population is 45% Black (compared to 14% of U.S. population) and 12% Hispanic/Latino (compared to 19% of U.S. population). 19% of the Washington, DC population is under the age of 18. Median household income: $93,547…There are three DC-area airports [which] serve 75 million passengers each year. [And rail service through Union Station serves] 1.8 million passengers.

The DC Metro Beltway has risen from a population of 1.46M[1] in 1950 to 4.4M in 2007, and since the financial crisis of 2008 has steadily increased by approximately 70k each year to its current population of a whopping 5.49M. Apart from thousands of job in the ‘intelligence community’ and military, thousands have been created by newly formed non-profits, think tanks, foundations, and independent online journalism outlets filled with ‘experts’. All of these organizations have been recipients of ‘dark money’ from corporate and high wealth donors, and have just been adding to the cacophony and party politicking which has dominated the city for decades. Investigative journalists, such as Jim Marrs, The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America (2009), Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, and Whitney Webb’s book, One Nation Under Blackmail – Vol. 1: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, and many others[2] have thoroughly documented the criminal activity of those in power—begging the question WHY NO ONE is taking ACTION against them.  

Another large group of jobs created by the alt-Left in order to consolidate their power bases, have been in the thousands of restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and underworld nightlife in DC in order to supply the venues for all of the lunches, dinners, meetings, conferences, seminars, retreats, orgies, and festivities for the ‘experts’, and their jail-bait college grad groupies which dominate the city’s workforce.

Arabella Advisors, founded in 2005 by Eric Kessler, a Clinton’s Department of Interior appointee, has helped finance creation of half of the hundreds of upscale restaurants in the city in response to Trump’s 2016 win. These businesses have provided thousands of jobs to Woke celebrity chefs, restaurant owners, managers, jailbait kids, and immigrants, while openly discriminating against anyone who disagrees with them and their political agendas. Unfortunately, since Trump’s camp is too busy playing party politics, they are missing the opportunity to eliminate his adversaries in this portion of the Swamp. Furthermore, they are plagued with conflict-of-interest issues, because the Mandevillian libertine socio-economic model that Trump, his family, and entourage want to Protect and Defend is the same as the Clintons, Obamas, Cuomos, Kennedy women, etc.

Both the supposedly free market capitalist system of the West and communist systems of the East in practice have been exactly the same in practice. They have all followed policies of rapid industrialization; concentration of capital in the hands of a few; exploitation of workers, citizens, and natural resources; and warmongering expansionist policies. Furthermore, the libertine’s support of urbanization and ‘rich and famous’ lifestyles, at the expense of the agrarian and working class, under the contention that they are on a quest for ‘knowledge and truth’ is a Farce. Because their true agenda is the accumulation of material wealth and position of privilege in society.   

The ONLY difference between the capitalists and communists have been that in the West concentration of wealth and power has been in the hands of private sector industrialists, urbanite managerialists, and ‘experts’. And in the communist East it has been in the hands of public sector industrialists, urbanite managerialists and ‘experts’. Even though economists and policy makers in the West claim to be adherents to Adam Smith economic theory, in reality they have been following Bernard Mandevillian models since the 1500s. In fact, the rise of Protestant movements in Europe at this time were as much in backlash to the opulence, hedonism, and elitism of the Roman Catholic Church, as to the opulence, hedonism, and elitism of their monarchs and aristocracy, and which were by-product of imperial expansionism of the British, French, Dutch, and Spanish empires.

While Adam Smith examines a community of workers made of cobblers, bakers, butchers, dressmakers, tailors, carpenters, shipbuilders, etc. in defending ‘free market capitalism’. Mandeville (1670 – 1733) defends ‘capitalism’ by examining the economic activity in London produced by the ‘libertines’ (aka immoral rogues). He points out that while libertines lack ‘Christian virtues’, their consumer spending produces jobs for tailors, servants, perfumers, cooks, whiskey makers, prostitutes, drug pushers, con artists, pick pockets, etc. These consumers in turn employ bakers, carpenters, butchers, cooks, cobblers, dressmakers, farmers, cheesemakers, etc. The same argument can be made for the soldier, who in addition to jobs for weapons manufacturers and scientific community, produces primary and derivative jobs for the same workers as the womanizing and gambling libertine. The fundamental ideological difference between the two philosophies is that Smith believed that virtuous self-interest would result in invisible co-operation. Whereas Mandeville believed it was vices and greed which would lead to invisible cooperation, without which economies would collapse.

As Mandeville explained in his poem in 1705, “The Grumbling Hive,” he describes a bee community thriving until the bees are suddenly made honest and virtuous, at which point their desire for personal gain disappears, their economy collapses, and the bees go live simple lives in a hollow tree. His 1714 book, An Enquiry into the Origin of Moral Virtue, made the same point by examining the state of England when the Tories accused opportunistic John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (1650 – 1722 ) of advocating for the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14) in his quest for power and privilege within the British monarchy. Churchill was the 2nd, but eldest surviving son of ‘Cavalier Colonel’ Sir Winston Churchill (1620 – 1688), grand-son of lawyer Sir John Churchill (1585 – 1673), and great-grandson of ‘copyholder’ farmer Jasper Churchill (1557 – 1601) of Dorset. The family’s rise to power and privilege amongst the British monarchy occurred when John’s sister Arabella Churchill (1648 –1730), became mistress in 1665 to the future King, James VII and II (reign 1649-1651). She was ‘good friends’ and maid of honor to Anne Hyde (1637 – 1671), James’s first wife who he married in 1660.   

In Mandeville’s paper, An Essay on Charity and Charity Schools, and A Search into the Nature of Society (1723), he criticized school system which sought to educate the poor so that society could instill ‘virtue’ in them. He believed that educating them would defeat its purpose, as it would increase their desire for material wealth thereby putting the ‘have nots’ in competition with the ‘haves’. Both Mandeville and Smith were correct in the contention that ‘capitalist’ systems create economies which generate ‘wealth’ for individuals as well as the community. However, the Mandevillian model is unsustainable as it encourages exploitation of the ‘have nots’ by the ‘haves’. The ‘haves’ are then obligated to produce inhumane and oppressive treatment of the ‘have nots’ in order to prevent them from rising up in protest. The ‘haves’ then expunge their guilt for the inequalities produced with ‘opiates’ (drug addictions, religion, charity work, excessive consumption, etc.).

DC, NYC, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and other capitals and urban centers across the globe have embraced the Mandevillian model in their ‘Modern Age’, with continual revolutions and civil wars as a consequence. Therefore, if comprehensive and sustainable reform is going to be made to monetary systems and economies, a profound shift in the ideologies and practices of those within these systems is necessary. Because, short of another blood bath and purging of the 1%ers and 10%ers who have risen to power, like seen in the French and Russian Revolutions, inter alia, the ‘haves’ will not willingly give up their wealth and power.

Social system scientist, Riane Eisler, provides a blueprint for the paradigm shift from ‘Power Over’ to ‘Power of Cooperation’ societies. Psychologists, Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell, provide excellent recommendations for ending the narcissism culture which has gripped the country since the 1980s, in their 2010 book, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement. However, as seen in the Bad Faith of the ruling-elite in my 1st and 2nd degree networks in the US, Europe, and Colombia for the past 15 years, the narcissist and psychopaths which have risen to Power, will ‘risk it all’ in order to Protect and Defend their ideologies and predatory and parasitic lifestyle. The fundamental problem is that the ‘regulators’ and ‘moral authority’ in these countries are plagued with as many psychopathologies, amorality, and criminal elements as those within the institutions they are supposed to be regulating and overseeing.

As Cook points out, the system works to the advantage of so many ‘powerful people’, “starting with the financiers, but also including the military-industrial complex, the political class who get rich from war, and organized crime. Thus systemic change has proven impossible to bring about.”Therefore, until the individuals who are maintaining the organized ‘crime rings’ of the 10%ers and 1%ers (Democrats and Republicans alike) are exposed and held to Account in a Court of Law, they will NEVER relinquish their Power and positions of privilege. As I have demonstrated in the past 16 years and ‘knocking on doors’ of ‘experts’ and non-profits on both sides of the Pond. The problems in upholding the principles of Democracy, Good Governance, Accountability, etc. are NOT questions of passing new laws, creating another government commission, think tank, or non-profit, or even electing the opposition party into office. All of these organizations are espousing grandiose promises and empty or important sounding rhetoric. But, they lack the power and authority to implement what they are advocating, as it is only sovereign governments who have the power or authority to accomplish what they are advocating. In reality these organizations, whose funding comes from taxpayers or shareholders money, exist to provide jobs for the PhDs, MBAs and recent college grads which labor markets have been churning out each year in order to ‘discuss’ the problems of the ‘little people’.

As seen, those in power believe that it is the amorality and decadence of the ‘bees’ in society which keeps its economy going, and without which it would collapse. However, this commonly held belief is embraced by the ruling-elite because many of them would be out of a job and lose their fortunes, if the corruption, amorality, and decadence they have been profiting from were to end. The global publishing market is $131B usd, so all the learned ‘experts’ can hardly claim that their lacks evidence as to the rampant greed, corruption, and incompetence in financial markets and banking systems.

There are many within banking systems and financial markets who need to be held to Account for their participation in creating the problems within them. However, as long as those who are replacing them are just as, if not more immoral than their predecessors, the financial bubbles will continue to get bigger and bigger as will the fall-out in economies when they crash. The social mobility that the liberals and international development community have been claiming is a ‘cure all’ to the ‘All the Woes of the World’ has been disproven by Western societies time and time again—for the same reasons. The ‘liberals’ are guided by jealousy, greed, and their psychopathologies in seeking reform, instead of democratic principles and moral convictions. The Western hegemony which the Mandevillian ‘liberals’ have embraced in the past 60 years is the same that was used to justify their exploitation and oppression in past centuries. Even though ‘minorities’ are complaining about injustices of the past, they are participating in the same activity at present.

While ‘minority’ groups in the West are seeking ‘reparations’ for amoral activity of those with ‘private vices’ of the past, they are engaging in the same behavior—and justifying it as ‘pay back’ for past injustices. In the interim centuries national and international laws have been passed which render this activity Illegal, instead of just Immoral as it had been since ‘civilization’ began thousands of years ago. Mandeville’s critics in the 1500s were scandalized by the implications of his ideologies, as it rendered homo sapiens no different than any other ‘survival of the fittest’ animal on the planet, and therefore devoid of a Soul. In this scenario, the difference between homo sapiens and other animals, such as culinary traditions, forms of dress, etiquette, literature, music, dance, artwork, architecture, etc. are of no consequence in the ‘Bigger Picture’ of Mankind. The superior intelligence and physical abilities of homo sapiens has put them at the top of the food chain and de facto ‘protectors’ of the planet Earth. However, they are reneging on the position of Power and Privilege afforded by trashing the planet, instead of protecting their ‘Garden of Eden’.

If all the billionaires who want to go live on Mars were as concerned about the planet Earth, the planet might actually survive the challenges its own species have created, or those beyond their control such as a polar shift or an asteroid from outer space, etc. ‘Gold finger’ billionaires might justify sacrificing an entire planet, and 99% of the people on it, so that they can ‘party hardy’ and Mankind can ‘set up shop’ on Mars under the illusion that they can save ‘Humanity’. However, this contention once again demonstrates the unsustainability of Mandevillian socio-economic orders, and the political institutions created. It is homo sapiens’ ability to communicate and collaborate combined with their capacity for empathy, which has set the species apart from other animals. By removing their capacity, and even desire, for empathy and collaboration with others, as Mandeville argues is necessary in producing economic activity, has repeatedly shown itself to be false and self-destructive.

Man is the only animal stupid enough to keep tripping over the same stone time and time again. And Woman is the only animal stupid enough to keep letting the Men trip over the same proverbial stone! Since the time of Adam and Eve, women have been a ‘thorn in the side’ of men. This has had positive and negative consequences in the history of Humankinds ever since. The question at present is in which direction the ‘thorn’ of women will direct Humankind’s history from here on.

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