Larry Hogan targets both parties in new ad amid rumors of White House bid

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Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) targets both major parties on foreign policy in a new ad amid rumors he could mount a third-party White House bid.

“Our allies question whether they should still trust us, and our enemies question whether they should still fear us,” the former governor says in one clip in the ad, posted by Hogan’s PAC, An America United.

The video takes aim at Republicans who want to pull back on funding for Ukraine amid Kyiv’s war with Russia, and knocks progressives who are against U.S. support for Israel after Hamas attacked last month. 

Hogan is a co-chair of No Labels, the nonpartisan political group that has been pushing for a third-party candidate.

An outspoken critic of former President Trump — the front-runner of the Republican presidential field — Hogan’s name has been among those floated as possible No Labels candidates, and he’s defended No Label’s mission in the face of criticism.

Back in March, Hogan said he wouldn’t seek the Republican nomination.

This summer, he sidestepped questions about running in 2024 himself but made the case for a third-party candidate to run against Trump and President Biden, who is trying for reelection — despite Democratic concerns about how third-party contenders could pull support away from Biden and hand Trump a win.

Last month, Hogan said the door was still open for a possible 2024 bid.

Axios first reported on the ad. Hogan told Axios that “neither party is delivering” the leadership he says America needs.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. left the Democratic race last month to run as an independent. Cornel West is also running as an independent.