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Published by Randy Economy on

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Dear Americans,

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging in the polls, but that won’t matter unless we get the million+ signatures needed to get him on the ballot. My name is Randy Economy, and I’ve joined the campaign to make sure his name is in every voting booth in the nation. 

I know it’s possible because I led the RecallGavin2020 campaign where we gathered some 2 million signatures. No one thought we could do it, but we proved them wrong.  We relied on a mostly volunteer army of people who believed in democracy. And now we’re going to do that again.

I have loved the bold and brilliant political work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for decades. And now the moment has come to make him President. Only one president was elected without a national political party— George Washington. That’s why it is no exaggeration to say, we are going to make history!

By stepping outside party politics, we are going to make RFK Jr.’s words come true:

“We cannot allow our country to be as divided as we are today. We must heal the divide.

I would like to thank Mr. Kennedy and Campaign Manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy for giving me the opportunity to allow Americans to freely choose who will be their next president. We will break the hammerlock of the two parties and all the corrupt forces behind them. 

I’d also like to thank my mother Rosemary Economy for tutoring me in American democracy. Her example of tireless work to elect remarkable people to public office has shaped my life and my love for RFK Jr.

Finally, I’d like to ask all of you to help put some muscle behind this effort and donate to the campaign. When you see the name Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the ballot, you will know that your gift has made a difference.


Thank you.


Randy Economy

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