Border 911

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The Southern Border has collapsed, and…
President Biden won’t say a word about it.
Our failed border policies have created a massive criminal syndicate that profits from sex and drug trafficking. At first, RFK Jr. didn’t believe this—until he visited the border and saw it with his own eyes.
Thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East, China, Venezuela, Ukraine, and dozens of other regions and countries are crushing our economy and our cities. And creating the biggest humanitarian crisis in U.S. history.
The U.S. has never experienced illegal immigration at this volume. Ever.
Illegal immigration is up 63% since 2021, when nearly two million illegal immigrants crossed the border. And over the last 12 months, an astounding 3.2 million immigrants have entered the U.S. illegally.
This is simply unsustainable.
Under President Biden, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stats paint a crystal clear picture: The illegal migrants crossing both the northern and southern borders represent a substantial threat to U.S. citizens.
On Day One as President, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will implement his “Tall Fences and Wide Gates” policy to secure our country’s borders, effective immediately.
RFK Jr. understands this crisis is a threat to the stability of the United States.
Together, we must stop the criminal cartels who are making millions of dollars while U.S. taxpayers suffer and Border Security personnel risk their lives every day. Together, we must stop the flood of illegal immigrants being shipped to our cities and end the overwhelming of our resources. American citizens, first and foremost, deserve those resources. But the current reality is this: migrants sleep in hotels, while veterans sleep on the street. Together we must use the technology that was installed at the border but then dismantled by Joe Biden—lights, cameras, motion detectors, and more. Together we must protect opportunity and job security for the legal immigrants that make our country great.
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If you agree that the United States of America is at a crossroads, then please give today to support RFK Jr.’s campaign right now.
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